allow synchronization intervals per URL (collection)

  • currently, there is one overall syncing interval. It would be good to have this configurable per URL. (so maybe sports calendars weekly, personal agendas daily…)

  • developer

    This would require a complete rewrite, because every subscription would need it’s own Android account. At the moment, ICSdroid uses (by intention) only one Android account.

    Just set the global sync interval to the shortest required interval – calendars which don’t change, won’t be downloaded anyway (detected by ETag).

  • couldn’t you just set the android sync interval to the smallest value within davdroid on “each call”, check which collections to sync (based on their individual value)?

  • developer

    @kralo Would theoretically be possible … but it would make everything complicated. Don’t your feeds support ETags, or do they change too often?

  • this was really just an idea to make icsdroid even more attractive 😉 and because I didn’t know about etag support in icsdroid. I just checked and most of my feeds do, I just wrote to support to ask if they could add it

    And it came to mind for the other use-case I described (respecting the cache-timeout header if the server sends one) because per-collection sync would be a prerequisite.

    Honestly, icsdroid works great for me, this is just to foster it’s position as the best tool available 8-)

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