Calendar fails to synchronize with Horde, Expected 207 Multi-Status, got 200 OK

  • Recently, since last week, my android calendars stopped showing any events. Instead I get a “Calendar-synchronization failed”. I do use a private horde installation that was not recently updated*. In the horde webinterface, everything is just fine. Yesterday updated I DAVdroid again to 1.0.6, rebooted the phone, with no change in the symptoms.

    Log excerpt:

    Synchronization phase: 9
    Account name:
    at.bitfire.dav4android.exception.InvalidDavResponseException: Expected 207 Multi-Status, got 200 OK
            at at.bitfire.dav4android.DavResource.assertMultiStatus(
            at at.bitfire.dav4android.DavCalendar.multiget(
            at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.CalendarSyncManager.downloadRemote(
            at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.SyncManager.performSync(
            at at.bitfire.davdroid.syncadapter.CalendarsSyncAdapterService$SyncAdapter.onPerformSync(
            at android.content.AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter$
    DAVdroid version: 1.0.6 (96) Thu Apr 07 08:39:26 MESZ 2016
    Installed from:
    JB Workaround installed: no

    The full debug information

    (*) It is installed on ubuntu. The horde calendar part (kronolith) claims to be 4.2.5 , allthough the package php-horde-kronolith is version 4.1.4-1.

  • developer


    Your Horde sends a 200 OK answer instead of the required 207 Multi-status answer (in reply to a REPORT calendar-multiget request). This is invalid and indicates some server problem (misconfiguration, bug, etc.)

    Thanks for the debug info (it’s important), but those are not logs. If you would have a look at the logs too, you would see the exact request and the questionable reply.

  • You are right, this seems to be a horde issue.

    I was confused because I didn’t expect a server side error behind a 200, but the error log does reveal a fatal horde error that I will continue to investigate.

    Thanks for the quick reply and also for the excellent troubleshooting documentation / support in the application.

  • Apparently A fatal error has occurred Bind failed: Server is unwilling to perform is horde/LDAP’s way to tell me the password is wrong… great. So I re-entered the password that I have not changed in DAVdroid and it works now. Hope this helps anyone else who is lost like me.

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