• Hi!

    Is there a possibility to set a default calender color on the server?

    With davdroid I can use a calendarname.ics.props-file at the server, with the content:

    {“A:calendar-color”: “#009933”, “tag”: “VCALENDAR”, “D:displayname”: “name”}

    and davdroid will use “name” as calendarname and “#009933” as calendarcolor. isedroid ignores the props-file. Instead icsdroid uses the X-WR-CALNAME tag in the ics file, right? But I didn’t found a way to set the default color for a calender.


  • developer

    .props, calendar-color and displayname are WebDAV/CalDAV things. ICSdroid is in no way related to CalDAV, it’s meant to download and import .ics files at regular intervals.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

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