DavDroid and Calendar Color, choosen colors disappear after each sync

  • DavDroid 1.0.3
    Calendar Color 0.4

    Since the update to 1.0.3 chosen colors on Calendar Color disappear after each sync. No special message in log.
    This is really anoying since our caldav server does not deal with color attribute and i have more than 10 calendars to follow which turned green now after sync.
    Worked without any problem before update 1.x.
    Thanks for any help.

  • developer

    In DAVdroid 1.0.5, a new account setting has been added: “Manage calendar colors”. If you disable it, DAVdroid will set a local calendar’s color only at creation.

    Please confirm that it works for you if you turn off “manage calendar colors”.

  • Updated to 1.0.5 just now. Option is present and works.
    Thank you for the good work.

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