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    We’re really happy that we can now announce that DAVdroid 1.0 has been released.


    Changes from to 1.0-rc1 – Release Notes:

    • Completely new Material design User Interface with the possibility to edit your accounts inside the app
    • In-app CardDAV / CalDAV collection management (create and delete collections on the server)
    • Vastly improved resource detection (calendar-proxy-read/write-for, group memberships)
      • Refresh address books, calendars and task lists after setup!
    • Huge performance boost: You can now limit synchronized events in the past (default: ignore events older than 90 days)
    • Completely renewed logging subsystem (includes greatly improved logging to external storage)
    • New settings:
      • Distrust previously accepted certificates
      • Show/Share debug info
    • Automatic migration of your address book, calendars and task lists into the new collection management
    • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements

    If you’re upgrading from DAVdroid 0.9.x there are migration routines that try to update all your settings and resources to the newest version. If you previously used 1.0-alpha or 1.0-beta, you need to uninstall and reinstall the latest version!

    💚 We hope you enjoy DAVdroid 1.0! 💚

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    DAVdroid 1.0.2 fixes various bugs and crashes.

    If you experience third-party apps not recognizing or crashing with DAVdroid calendars, please remove your DAVdroid accounts, reboot your device and add them again with DAVdroid 1.0.2.

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    DAVdroid 1.0.3

    • use last path segment as collection (calendar/task list) display name if there’s no DAV:displayName (fixes some third-party app, e.g. S Planner crashes)
    • add Contacts Provider Settings at address-book sync to show contacts without groups in all clients (bluetooth cars etc.)
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    DAVdroid 1.0.4

    Some minor fixes, including calendars getting visible at each sync

  • developer

    DAVdroid 1.0.5

    Add account setting: “Manage calendar colors”

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    DAVdroid 1.0.6

    New account settings:

    • sync only over WiFi
    • sync only over specific WiFi (by SSID)

    Changed account settings:

    • default sync interval for new accounts changed to 4 hours (was: 1 day)
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    DAVdroid 1.0.7


    • implemented Android 6 permission model
    • bug fixes

    Calendar sync:

    • set ORGANIZER only for events with attendees

    Task sync:

    • don’t set VISIBLE=1 and SYNC_ENABLED=1 for every sync (only at creation)
    • sync only task lists which are SYNC_ENABLED
    • honor “manage calendar colors” account setting for task list colors

    0_1460314686121_Screenshot_20160410-205615.png 0_1460314690945_Screenshot_20160410-205622.png 0_1460314696107_Screenshot_20160410-205632.png

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    DAVdroid 1.0.8

    Resource detection:

    • find collections when they’re identical with their home set
    • check for empty host before doing IDN conversion


    • Always update all task fields (including null values)


    • minor optimizations and improvements
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  • developer


    Reverts optimization because servers MAY reject message bodies without Content-Length.

  • developer


    • option to disable RFC 6868-encoded VCards because some servers/services refuse them
    • CalDAV: improved alarm handling (supporting more types)
    • minor improvements

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