Error when editing existing contact

  • Hi there,

    Every time I try to edit an existing contact (open a contact, open the options menu and select edit) the opened contact closes with the message 'contacts closed'. There is no more error message, just this and I an press OK or report the error.
    Since I run my device in German all things mentioned above are translated by myself 😉

    When i create a new contact in my davdroid address book i can edit without any problems. look like this only happens with contacts that were imported from baikal.

    I am running your version 0.3.4 from . My device is a nexus 4 running Android 4.3 . My server is a current Baikal server.

    Can I do anything against this issue?

    Cheers eyeless

  • developer

    Is the message "Kontakte geschlossen" and does it mean that the contacts app has crashed? Sounds like a problem that may be caused by DAVdroid, but actually is in the contacts editor. Which one do you use?

  • Thanks for the hint, that I am not using the common contacts editor. I didn't think of this opinion since I didn't install any other contact editor. But I installed a sync software for SyncMl. After removing this software editing contacts is working like a charm 🙂 Seems like android tried to edit my DavDroid contacts with this app.

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