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  • Hallo,

    when I setting synctimer to manually and I sync the calendar (or addressbook), I dont see the timestamp of the last synctime - it would be very helpfull to see (like in the non-manually timesettings) when the point was.

    Thank You

  • developer


    I don't understand it. What do you mean by "non-manually time settings"?

    Also, there's no documented way to get the synchronization times (there are three of them: last contacts sync, last calendar sync, last tasks sync) in Android, so this can't be done 😕

  • Hallo,

    is very easy to recapitulate 🙂

    I add a calender, then I sync that. Then I see (sorry its the german text):

    Kalender synchronisieren
    Letzte Synchronisierung am 22.03.2016 21:04

    So if I change the settings in DAV from frequency of synchronisation 1440 minutes to manually and I go to the calendar and sync them, I see the text:

    Kalender synchronisieren
    Jetzt synchronisieren
    Sync deaktiviert

    It would be nice to see when the last manual sync was.

    Btw: The word "Synchronisierung" should not used - better "Synchronisation" (

    Thank You

  • developer

    @BeraVonSodom Ah, I see.

    DAVdroid doesn't have any influence on the Android settings GUI. It's made by Android. You may create a feature request in the AOSP issue tracker (see "feature request" there).

  • Thank You - I dont know that You can't change.

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