Modern and open-source CalDAV/CardDAV/Tasks synchronization adapter for Android devices

Letsencrypt certificate auto acceptance renew on same domain?

@rfc2822 said in Letsencrypt certificate auto acceptance renew on same domain?:

…Is the fingerprint correct? Maybe some kind of WiFi MITM.

Now I will change certbot to certbot-auto and then upgrade to Android Pie (9.0) my two phone and then repeat the procedure.
For now, I will try to collect clues.
I have no other ideas

Thanks a lot for your kind help!

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DAVx5 <-> Zimbra: new contact entered on Zimbra server is not synced to Android

The problem seems to be that the address book is shared, and I am trying syncing it through the DAV path identifying the user that is using the share.

If I sync it through the DAV path identifying the user that provides the share, everything seems to work fine.

IMHO, both DAV paths should work, i.e. this is a bug in Zimbra.

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Carddav Error


2019-11-30 09:49:10 10217 [HttpClient] <-- HTTP FAILED: Failed to connect to /
2019-11-30 09:49:10 10217 [ui.setup.DavResourceFinder] PROPFIND/OPTIONS on user-given URL failed

There is no connection to from your Android device, so it’s probably a connectivity problem (firewall, …). Does it work when you access the URL from your Android browser?

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Please support Nextclouds SingleSignOn SSO

@rfc2822 ideally it would be used by all apps that use Nextcloud login but it currently has shortcomings which can only be addressed by further work on how the server (Nc) handles app tokens.

One would say the most important thing is push, but that takes along quite a lot of things with it - ATM that means remote wipe for example and potentially other things in the future. Like I said above, this will hopefully be addressed in one of the future versions of Nextcloud.

I’d also say UX is currently better when you just do the auth screen on your side, but that’s a matter of opinions as both ways have their pros’ and cons’.

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Modern open-source Android app to subscribe to Webcal feeds/iCalendar files

FTP support

Thx, seems that webdav was used by some apps for users that don’t want to install their own / non-cloud caldav server (e.g. icssync that is no longer maintained).

Found a chinese, closed source alternative (not reliably working, but am desperate):

Or setting up Baikal on Fritzbox, but then all mods will be gone after an update and I guess one is exposed to the internet:

Or google or the closed source, paid / beta

All far from perfect, still think the use case of users wanting to sync with their local (ics) files is valid, to avoid the cloud.

However, thanks for the cool & solid DAVx⁵ & ICSx⁵ so far

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About CalDAV/CardDAV servers (including setup and configuration), other clients (mobile/desktop) and related software (like Android calendar and contact apps)

Netxcloud/Carddav Sync Using ApacheJackRabbit

I get it done by changing the SYNCTOKEN_PREFIX form the SabreDav Doc to the nextcloud one according this link : SYNC-TOKEN => SYNC-TOKEN

Hope it helps.

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cert4android, dav4jvm, ical4android, vcard4android

Property registry for factories is not available/public

Yes, it does - you’re awesome, thank you very much!

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Draw on your PC via your Android device
Make A Desktop Icon For GfxTablet?

Hi I am on ubuntu 19.04 I have the application working via sudo ./networktablet command flawlessly, yet I can make desktop icons for ubuntu, but never had to try with a sudo command or any other command to open an application I am new to linux so confused, after scouring forever looking and trying 10’s of ways I cannot get it to open well it does but as a file to edit in a text editor rather than as a sudo terminal command, I really want gfxtablet incorporated in my custom os so I can open it from an icon but need your help please anyone if you can assist in making the app into a desktop icon for ubuntu would be great.

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Everything else, including Android in general, other apps and protocols