Modern and open-source CalDAV/CardDAV/Tasks synchronization adapter for Android devices

Does DavDroid preserve RELATED-TO?

@equaeghe You’re right, I can reproduce that with two task lists: Viewing the tasks list separately in aCalendar+ works fine, but in the combined view, the task hierarchy is wrong.

A look into the tasks database had shown that parent_id is set correctly for the questionable tasks.

@Matthias-Laabs Combined with the fact that it works in aCalendar+'s single task list view, I guess there is a problem in the combined tasks view of aCalendar+. Can you imagine a reason?

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We're looking for beta testers!

Here is the link to join the beta test program of DAVx⁵:

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Changing the default account login method

I’m wanting to modify DAVx5 so that “Login by URL” is selected by default. In LoginActivity.kt, I see the following block:

/** * When set, "login by URL" will be activated by default, and the URL field will be set to this value. * When not set, "login by email" will be activated by default. */ const val EXTRA_URL = "url"

However, I can’t figure out how to use this parameter so that the “Login by URL” option is selected when adding a new account. What am I missing?

(Note: I’m a complete n00b when it comes to Android development, but I am a PHP developer. So, talk stupid to me when it comes to Android and Java, but I’m not completely code-illiterate, either ).

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Please support Nextclouds SingleSignOn SSO

@rfc2822 ideally it would be used by all apps that use Nextcloud login but it currently has shortcomings which can only be addressed by further work on how the server (Nc) handles app tokens.

One would say the most important thing is push, but that takes along quite a lot of things with it - ATM that means remote wipe for example and potentially other things in the future. Like I said above, this will hopefully be addressed in one of the future versions of Nextcloud.

I’d also say UX is currently better when you just do the auth screen on your side, but that’s a matter of opinions as both ways have their pros’ and cons’.

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Sync not working with "SyncManager: Bind attempt failed"

@nkinkade Thanks for the update and the information. We will add Unihertz, AppBlocker and DuraSpeed to the FAQ page.

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Modern open-source Android app to subscribe to Webcal feeds/iCalendar files

daylight issue for repeated meetings

@rfc2822 , Thanks for your explanation.
It’s strange that the android calendar doesn’t respect the time zone identifier which is defined in the ICS file (BEGIN:VTIMEZONE).
I tried to import this ICS to online google calendar. Google calendar handle it correctly. But as we know, google calendar doesn’t frequently sync ICS file. so I can’t use it.

Nevertheless, if your assumption is correct, we have no choice but wait for google to fix the bug.

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About CalDAV/CardDAV servers (including setup and configuration), other clients (mobile/desktop) and related software (like Android calendar and contact apps)

Netxcloud/Carddav Sync Using ApacheJackRabbit


I’m trying to run basic steps to optimize my sever contacts synchronization with nextcloud contacts’s cardav using SabreDav Specification like this one :
The most suitable one is to get the nextcloud Ctag and comapre it with your server Ctag using a PROPFIND method to get the Ctag and the sysnc token


PROPFIND /addressbooks/johndoe/contacts/ HTTP/1.1 Depth: 0 Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8 <d:propfind xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:cs=""> <d:prop> <d:displayname /> <cs:getctag /> <d:sync-token /> </d:prop> </d:propfind>

the response will be like this :

```<d:multistatus xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:cs=""> <d:response> <d:href>/addressbooks/johndoe/contacts/</d:href> <d:propstat> <d:prop> <d:displayname>My Address Book</d:displayname> <cs:getctag>3145</cs:getctag> <d:sync-token></d:sync-token> </d:prop> <d:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</d:status> </d:propstat> </d:response></d:multistatus>

But when i try the “WebDAV-Sync” fearture by the sync token from this request :

REPORT /addressbooks/johndoe/contacts/ HTTP/1.1 Host: Content-Type: application/xml; charset="utf-8" <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <d:sync-collection xmlns:d="DAV:"> <d:sync-token> SYNC-TOKEN </d:sync-token> <d:sync-level>1</d:sync-level> <d:prop> <d:getetag/> </d:prop> </d:sync-collection>

I get this response indicating that i have the wrong token

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s=""> <s:exception>Sabre\DAV\Exception\InvalidSyncToken</s:exception> <s:message>Invalid or unknown sync token</s:message> <d:valid-sync-token/> </d:error>

This step helps us optimize synchronization time and data as it return only the changed contacts, but the nextcloud server doesn’t recognize token despite that it implements SabreDav and it return a sync token.

I hope that someone can help me as it 's the firest time that i write in this forum.

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cert4android, dav4jvm, ical4android, vcard4android

Property registry for factories is not available/public

Yes, it does - you’re awesome, thank you very much!

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Draw on your PC via your Android device
Make A Desktop Icon For GfxTablet?

Hi I am on ubuntu 19.04 I have the application working via sudo ./networktablet command flawlessly, yet I can make desktop icons for ubuntu, but never had to try with a sudo command or any other command to open an application I am new to linux so confused, after scouring forever looking and trying 10’s of ways I cannot get it to open well it does but as a file to edit in a text editor rather than as a sudo terminal command, I really want gfxtablet incorporated in my custom os so I can open it from an icon but need your help please anyone if you can assist in making the app into a desktop icon for ubuntu would be great.

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Everything else, including Android in general, other apps and protocols